3 Things to Remember

As we move forward as a community cleaning up and rebuilding what has been lost, these are three important things we need to remember.
1.We need to build a bridge to every person. A bridge leads us to common ground. As devastating as this fire is to us, we can use it to join together and help those who have lost it all. 
2. We need to outlast the adrenaline rush we are currently operating under. When the days and weeks go by, people will lose the adrenaline and in can turn into exhaustion. We have to find ways to pace ourselves and word together so we can outlast the adrenaline and continue building for the long haul. 
3. Get Dirty! Shoulder to shoulder with those who are hurting, heart to heart, hand in hand, tear for tear, we must stand by those who need us. We can't stay clean and comfortable while others have lost it all. 

If we partner together and keep these three things in the forefront of our efforts more will get done. We can do it...All for One, One for All. 

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